CAT Advertising Kit

CAT leverages 45+ years of mobile experience and expertise to enable internet-based mobile, tablet, Wi-Fi advertising and marketing opportunities. The CAT advertising kit includes a plug and play advertising platform, premium branded app aggregation, reporting dashboard and continued campaign management. The net result creates a new revenue stream at no additional cost. CAT kit features include:

  • Easy implementation, plug and play solution
  • Little impact on internal costs or resources
  • Management tools designed to be simple and intuitive
  • Full service advertising campaign management
  • Competitive advertising offers to optimize revenue
  • Customized reporting tools
  • Real-time reporting data

Network Presentation

Review our comprehensive network overview for launching your very own mobile advertising platform.


CAT Data

  • 21% of Apps on iOS are dead – Tech Crunch
  • 60% of apps have never been downloaded even once – BBC report
  • Less than 0.01% of consumer apps will be viable by 2018 – Gartner
  • 6% of Apps (953,387 apps out of 1,197,087) in the Apple Store were “Zombie Apps” – Adjust
  • Paid app must reach $12,000 USD in daily downloads to crack the top 50; $47,000 USD to reach top 10
  • Free apps must reach 23,000 downloads to crack the top 50

CAT Forecast

  • Metrics (Annual)
    • ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) – $3.12 USD
    • NPS (Net Promoter Score) – Increased customer satisfaction
    • CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value) – Extended customer engagement
    • Revenue – $1.5M USD per 1M devices
  • Performance (Daily)
    • Impressions – 40M per 1M devices
    • Clicks – 30K per 1M devices
    • Installs – 600 to 1,200 per 1M devices
    • CPI (Cost Per Install) – $2.08 USD average advertiser spend

Get Started in 5 Easy Steps

#1 – Apply to be a Network
#2 – Receive our email approval
#3 – Execute our insertion order
#4 – Choose from our ad offers
#5 – Make It RAIN!


After Clint and Blake sold their ringtone company, they decided to enter the fact-paced, phone wallpaper industry. With one Rosetta Stone Portuguese lesson, Clint negotiated their first deal with Vodafone Portugal. With a quick read of “Photoshop for Dummies,” Blake produced our initial 100 wallpaper order. The entire transaction occurred in the brothers’ living room with their dysfunctional cat meowing on every conference call. Eu não ouvi um gato?


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