CAT Diversified Distribution

Carrier App Traffic leverages its comprehensive ad management platform to connect advertisers with high value customers via phone, tablet, and Wi-Fi. The phone program engages customers via mobile carrier opportunities including “home screen” featured placement, push notification, and the device pre-load program. The tablet program engages customers via casual dining restaurants. The Wi-Fi program connects customers via internet hotspots at public venues. Distribution program highlights include:

  • Reach – 30M mobile consumers
  • Clicks Per App – Average 60K per day
  • Installs Per App – Average 1,200 – 3,000 per day
  • Strategic and cooperative network engagement
  • Preferential and timely product placement
  • High quality traffic and conversion
  • Competitive performance-based rates

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CAT Network Programs


Home Screen Feature Program – Just a swipe right from the home screen, this “Top Apps” placement is currently available on 30+ million US android devices on Sprint, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, T-Mobile, Metro PCS, Tracfone, and US Cellular. Current average is 1,200 installs per day on 60,000 clicks per day. Based on brand and genre, install results may vary between 800 to 3,000 per day. Trial programs available with 10,000 total install limit.

Push Notification Program – The push notification program from Sprint (includes Boost and Virgin Mobile) reaches 10 million android devices. Recent campaigns averaged 20,000 installs on 1,000,000 clicks. 80% of the installs from the push campaigns occur within the first 48 hours, providing a Google Play store ranking increase and more organic installs. To ensure the app hasn’t been previously installed, the program includes a device “look up” before appearing on the phone.

Preload Program – Available on select premium devices with multiple US carriers and device manufacturers. Term options include per device shipped or per app opened basis.


Tabletop Tablet Program – A unique on-location discovery platform that drives app downloads and real-time coupon redemption. The network includes 150,000 tabletop tablets across 2,500 casual dining restaurant locations. Currently, these placements account for 52 million customer engagements and 170,000 transactions per month.


Public Wi-Fi Network Program – Banner advertising via Wi-Fi networks indoor, outdoor, and in-flight. Footprint includes retail, military bases, office buildings, stadiums, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and public city deployments. Flexible, comprehensive solutions to deliver unique branded experiences to any mobile device.

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The founders’ humble mobile beginnings included licensing, producing, and selling ringtones (Ugh! We’re showing our age). Daily, we would receive unsolicited offers from record labels big and small. One day, Clint received a single CD from a tiny independent label. After a 5-minute listen, Clint hit eject before his headache went from bad to worse…vowing to never to listen to that artist again. For the next two years, Clint would hear them incessantly as Maroon 5 had one of biggest selling debuts in music history. Rest assured, Clint has better taste in advertising than music!


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